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Re:plain works perfectly either in Facebook Messenger or in Telegram. Please, select the preferred one.
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Re:plain работает как в Facebook Messenger так и в Telegram. Выбирайте тот мессенджер, который предпочитаете больше.

How to install Re:plain on Drupal

Installing the code through the admin panel

Go to the control panel of your site, and go to the menu Structure - Next Block layout. In the section that appears, go to the tab "Custom blocks library".
Next, in the Custom Blocks section, add a new block press the button "+ Add custom Block" button.
In the window that appears, note for reliability that it is better to observe the following sequence:

  1. First we translate the drop-down menu "Text Format" into Full HTML
  2. Then, click the Source button on top of the text field and only after that paste the code from the Telegram.
So, the contents of the blocks:

  • Block description: Replain.
  • Content: Paste the code from Re: plain into your Telegram or Facebook Messenger.
  • Text format: Full Html.
And of course we click Save.

Then, we return to the Block Layout, where we were at the beginning of this procedure. There, find the Header, click on the button Plase block.

In the pop-up that appears, we find our previously created Replain block, and click on the Place Block button.
In the window that appears, remove the checkbox "Display title" and save the block. After that, scroll down to save the changes by clicking on the "Save blocks" button.
✅ Done! Start getting your customer's quotes directly to your Telegram or Facebook Messenger.