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Video welcome

To increase the loyalty of your customers, to engage them and to create an unique personal experience of communication with your company we've created Video welcome.

Now in addition to your default welcome message you can now add video. It's simple. Just upload your video on YouTube and set this link to our feature Video welcome.
How it looks like
Now, just below your Welcome message, we'll show video. It can be just your personal welcome or a promo of your new product. Anything!
Be creative!


We add Video automatically to your Response Templates list, to let you send it whenever you need it!
How to connect the feature and set it up
Purchase the feature Video welcome in our Re:plain Store. To do it follow here: MenuYourWebsiteStore Video welcome.
Now at your website's Setting appeared a new section Video welcome. It's located under the button Start message. You can setup it here: MenuYourWebsiteStart messageVideo welcome. Let's add a video.

Just point the link to the video on YouTube and we'll do the rest.
That's simple. Now we'll add your video welcome message just after your default welcome message!
Here are some advices and ideas for your videos
  • Keep your video short and sweet, so you can engage visitors quickly.
  • Putting a face to your business will increase visitor engagement.
  • You should record yourself or a teammate giving your visitors a personal welcome.
  • You can also engage visitors with animated videos. For example, if you're about to launch a new product, you could show visitors a short teaser video to entice visitors to learn more.
Add this Feature to your site.
Boost your business now.
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