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Conversation ratings

Now, you will know the truth! Add 'Conversation ratings' power-up to your Re:plain and allow your customers to rate your agents and give you a feedback on your service.
How it looks like?
When your website visitor chats with your agents or you, after 5 messages from the operator we'll show to your visitor a proposal to score the service and leave a review.
What will you get
  • Automatic request after 5 operator's messages
  • Manual request from Template answers
  • Simple and friendly mark request
  • Review input
  • Confidencial reviews. Only admins get the results of marks and reviews
  • Operators' analytics page
How to connect the feature
Purchase the feature Conversation ratings in our Re:plain Store. Follow the Menu — Your Website — Store — Conversation ratings.
How to see the statistics
Simple go to MenuYour websiteConversation ratingsControl. Here you'll see the list of operators and their ratings.
Add this Feature to your site.
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