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Zapier Integrations

Connect Re:plain with all the apps you use. Send customer's info to your CRM, translate on the go or find your own way to be more productive. Connect Re:plain with 1500+ apps using Zapier!

How it works
Re:plain sends data to your application via Zapier
When someone sends you a message or fills in the contact form you can get this data to any application that supports Zapier.
Use your Zapier account
Go to Zapier website and create an account. It's free 3 one-step Zaps.
More that 1000+ applications
Create Zaps that suits your processes, send data to your CRM, or project management tools, redirect messages to SMS or automatically create e-mail lists, use your fantasy to be more efficient.
See the most popular Zapier integrations with Re:plain
How to start use Zapier.
First of all go to Store in your Telegram and purchase Zapier Integration feature. Then, follow to the MenuYour WebsiteZapier Control and copy your API KEY for Zapier integration.
Now go to Zapier
Now, you can visit Zapier to start create your Zaps. Let's connect something as example. First of all login or create your personal account.
Then start with clicking Make a Zap!
Follow to and start integrate Re:plain with a 1500+ services.
Let's connect Re:plain with a CRM. For example amoCRM. First of all you should understand how Zapier works:

Re:plain has some events, like new messages or filled in contact form — we call it Triggers. You can send data you get from this events to the events your application provide to Zapier.

So, to start, name your Zap and type in "Re:plain" in a search field. Once you see Re:plain click on it.
Now we have 2 triggers:
New Message — all the messages you get on Re:plain can be redirected to any other services, including data and status about the Client.

Lead Sent Form — the data your client fill in into your default or custom forms can be sent to any other service or app.

We are going to send all messages to our CRM.
Now, connect your Re:plain account. Paste the API KEY for Zapier integration that you got earlier and click Yes, continue. Make a test to be sure that everything is perfect.
Now an important step. To get all the events that Re:plain can send to your service pull it in as a sample to set up your Zap by clicking "Pull in Samples" button. You will see the list of data you can work with on the next step.
Here the list of Events you can operate with from a New Message Trigger
Now you've connected and ready to get data from Re:plain to Zapier. Let's connect an application. As we told before, it can be any of more than a 1500+ apps available on Zapier. We'll integrate Re:plain with amoCRM as an example.

To do it follow the same steps: find the application in a search menu, and connect it to Zapier using API Key from your amoCRM account.

After that you'll see available fields that can be filled with a data from Re:plain according your business process.
Sort data that you get from Re:plain to appropriate forms in amoCRM and perform a test by clicking the button "Test".

That's it. Now all the messages that we'll be sent to you to Re:plain widget will be delivered to directly to amoCRM also. Just switch this Zap ON and start using new opportunities.
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