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Here we write about updates in Re:plain: new features, events, integrations and articles.
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Added Top-10 power-up
15 May 2019
An unlimited number of operators and 10 best features with a huge discount in case of yearly payment.

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Referral program released
25 April 2019
Our new Bonus program allows you to connect any of our paid features for free to boost your business.

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Arabic fonts in the widget have become larger
28 April 2019

Added any file types support for operators
18 April 2019

Design update of the window with the file attachment
10 April 2019

Added multi-upload files
5 April 2019

Added Drag & Drop support for uploading files
1 April 2019

Added Profile for operators and administrators
1 April 2019
Some minor but important updates under the hood.
With the ability to change name, upload profile photos, view basic information about the chat.

Released fix widget for iOS
1 April 2019

Refactoring and minor fixes
1 April 2019

Added French localization
1 April 2019

Now you can change operator's name
28 March 2019

Multiple tabs optimization
28 March 2019

Added offline mode
28 March 2019

"Automate support" power-up released
28 March 2019

Provide answers in real-time. Now you can predefine a list of themes or questions and set an automatic response that your client will get from you. It's amazing and works 24/7. Even when you are sleeping, your clients can get a response from you.

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Added the ability to change the owner of the chat
25 March 2019

Added the ability to accept attachments from your clients
25 March 2019

Added Hindi localization
20 March 2019

Added Czech localization
19 March 2019

Released update "Pop-up banners"
15 March 2019

Any of your banner can pop-up on the left conner on the bottom of your website. It allows you to make your promo even more effective.

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Added the ability to block Yandex.Dialogue clients
25 February 2019

Added the ability to upload photos of operators in Yandex chat
25 February 2019

Updated Zapier power-up
25 February 2019

Added the ability to attach images on the Yandex.Dialogues
20 February 2019

"Transfer client " power-up Released
14 February 2019

With the feature Transfer client, operators will be able to transfer clients to each other, leave notes about the clients and see the previous chat history.

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Updated "Black list" power-up
8 February 2019
Sometimes, your customers should be banned, unfortunately. For this cases you can use Black list. It's easy to manage, operate and makes you happier.

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In Facebook Messenger added the ability to view information about the chat for operators of this chat.
25 January 2019

Updated power-up "Video welcome message"
27 December 2018
To increase the loyalty of your customers, to engage them and to create an unique personal experience of communication with your company we've created Video welcome.

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Added "Active invitation" power-up
26 December 2018
Now you can set preferred time when the first welcome message will be shown to your visitors.

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Added "Click to chat" power-up
26 December 2018
Now you can place a link to open Re:plain anywhere you need. Place it to your text, main menu or even to an image. Also you can create additional buttons and also place it anywhere you need.

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Polish localization for Facebook Messenger
18 December 2018

Location improvements
15 December 2018

An update for Drupal (7/8).
13 December 2018

An update for the Wordpress plugin.
13 December 2018

Now you can send files
13 December 2018

You can now send GIFs
13 December 2018

Released Beta 2 for Facebook Messenger.
13 December 2018

Web Summit, in Lisbon.
6 December 2018
Our team has recently presented Re:plain at a major IT-event - Web Summit.
We are sharing our impressions, results of taking part and life hacks with the future participants of Web Summit.

Zapier Integration
19 November 2018
New feature. Zapier integration.
Connect Re:plain with all the apps you use. Send customer's info to your CRM, translate on the go or find your own way to be more productive. Connect Re:plain with 1000+ apps using Zapier!
Learn more about connect here.

Polish language added
3 November 2018
One more language available for you.
We are proud with our contributors who help us spread our product worldwide. Meet Sebastian who made a huge work to make Re:plain better and allow us to speak Polish. Thanks to him it was cool!

Fixed sorting order of display of banners
2 November 2018

Minor improvements
17 Octomber 2018
Some minor but important updates under the hood.
We improved the messages with the code, added some notifications for the operators who has already been connected. And provided the opportunity to operators to leave the companies' chat.

Store available for all languages (in English yet)
10 Octomber 2018
We've added Re:plain Store to all languages.
Soon we'll add a multi-currencies to be closer to our lovely clients.

Forms Update
28 September 2018
Feature Forms Update.
Now you can set any input field as a mandatory. And Also we've added data validation of the e-mail and phone fields.

11 September 2018
New feature. Yandex.Dialogs integration
This integration with allows you to communicate with your clients directly from the Search page on Yandex website.

Custom Forms
11 September 2018
New feature. Custom Forms!
Now you can gather your visitor's information you really need in a Customized Forms. If you need some special details from your customers — now you can get it!

13 August 2018
New feature. Banners!
Sometimes you have to say something really important. To announce a sale or promote a new achievement, highlight your new service or just pay your clients' attention to a FAQ section, that is why we've created Banners. Try or Connect this feature here.

Re:plain Store
23 July 2018
We starting to release an additional amazing features to boost your business in our Re:plain Store. We are the First company which allows you to buy only those features that you really need. Or just keep using it free, even so it's the most powerful service. In the nearest feature you'll see here new integrations, opportunities, customisations and addons.

Today we launch Integration with Google Analytics and Yandex Metrika. Re:plain will send data directly into most popular analytics platforms, work with Events, Goals and Conversions.

Feel free to send us your thoughts and wishes to make Re:plain even better to or just come to our website to write to our chat!

Language Auto Detection
18 July 2018
A small update, before a Huge one!
  • Automatic Language Detection
Today we announce a new feature: Automatiс Language Detection.

Now you can place one code for different language versions of your Website. The widget will automatically detect the language version of your website and show the right localization for your customers. Today we support 11 languages!

To turn it on go: Menu > Choose your Website > Edit Language > Auto detection.

Legal Resources
31 May 2018
Hi! We've added a feature to add to your chat widget any Legal Resources links. Go to Your Website Settings — Add Policy button and follow the steps. Respect Privacy!

Re:plain Drupal
8 May 2018
Hi, we've developed an official Drupal module. To simplify the proccess of installation Re:plain. Feel free to use it!

20 April 2018
You voted and we did it!
Today we announce Schedules!
Now you can set Re:plain to switch On and Off automatically according your working hours. Manual mode will remain working. Also now you can edit your Offline greeting message!

New Re:plain Chat Interface
9 April 2018
Hi, tomorrow we launch a huge update of our Interface. We've totally redesigned the way you choose and identificate clients, we also added History support, Extended Information about your clients and prepared for the next new cool features, like CRM and Analytics Integrations.

Read some info about your new features above. Hope you'll like it.

If you have any questions feel free to chat with us here:

16 March 2018
✓ Added nudge pop-ups and tiny animations. Now your clients will definitely notice the chat
✓ Fixed some iOS issues for a small displays

How to install Re:plain to a Blogspot website
4 March 2018
Re:plain works with any website, but if you use Blogger platform, here how to set it to your website and continue to grow your business.

Let's start

Re:plain — FAQ
4 March 2018
The simplest live chat in the world.

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How to install Re:plain to a Shopify website
4 March 2018
Re:plain works with any website, but if you use Shopify platform, here how to set it to your website and continue to grow your business.

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How to install Re:plain to a Squarespace website
4 March 2018
Re:plain works with any website, but if you use Squarespace website builder here how to do it as simple as Squarespace is..

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How to install Re:plain to a Tilda website
2 March 2018
Re:plain works with any website, but if you use Tilda website builder here how to do it as simple as Tilda is.

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How to change Re:plain's icon colour
2 March 2018
We made Re:plain as customisable as it possible and yet beautiful by itself. So when you need to make your Re:plain icon match your style — just do it!

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1 March 2018
We have launched a special voting system for the next features. Choose what it the most important to you and we'll release it first.

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Update news
1 March 2018
✓ Added Uzbek language
✓ Rebuilt new website connection. Now simpler, clearly
✓ Added Phone Number input field to Welcome Contact Form
✓ All fields in Welcome Contact Form are now optional
Now you can turn off Welcome Contact Form
Released a pack of Stickers that can help you to communicate with your clients

How to install Re:plain on WIX
28 February 2018
Re:plain works with any website, but if you have a Wix, follow the next steps to place the code to your website.

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How to install Re:plain to a WordPress website
24 February 2018
Re:plain works with any website, but if you have a WordPress CMS, we have created a plugin that will simplify the installation process of our code.

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How to connect Re:plain to your website
24 February 2018
Re:plain works with any site. To connect yours — follow the next steps.

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Re:plain — The first live chat in your messenger
15 February 2018
The simplest live chat in the world

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