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Active invitation

Now you can set preferred time when the first welcome message will be shown to your visitors.
In Re:plain we take care of your business and your customer's satisfaction. This means that you shouldn't miss your client. And your client also shouldn't be bothered with thousands of pop-ups.
That is why we've done a huge amount of research where we looked for a middle way between efficiency and convenience. And we found it: it's 42 seconds.
So, in the 42 seconds after your client appeared on your website we will show him your Start message that you can edit here: MenuYourwebsiteStart Message

you may want to change this golden ratio and set another time to show your welcome message. Here when you'll need our feature Active Invitation.
How to connect the feature and set it up
Purchase the feature Active invitation in our Re:plain Store. To do it follow here: MenuYourWebsiteStore Active invitation.
Now at your website's Setting appeared a new section Active invitation. It's located under the button Start message. You can setup it here: MenuYourWebsiteStart messageActive Invitation. Let's set customised time when the welcome message will appear.
That's simple. Now your welcome message will appear in a 10 seconds!

By the way, you should know, if your client closes this welcome message, we consider that he knows that there is a place where he can get help from you. So we don't bother him anymore.
Add this Feature to your site.
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