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Re:plain works perfectly either in Facebook Messenger or in Telegram. Please, select the preferred one.
Выберите мессенджер
Re:plain работает как в Facebook Messenger так и в Telegram. Выбирайте тот мессенджер, который предпочитаете больше.

My messengers

Add direct links to your messengers to attract more customers, get their contacts and generate even more sales. All the most popular messengers are available: WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Instagram, Slack, Snapchat, Telegram, Vk, Viber and others. Keep communicating with customers in messengers even when they leave your website!
How it looks like?
When your visitor hovers the cursor on the Re:plain chat icon on the website, he'll see the logos-links to your messengers. On mobile devices, the function works by clicking.
How to connect the feature
Purchase the feature My Messenger in our Re:plain Store. Follow the Menu — Your Website — Store — My Messengers.
How add and customize messengers
After connecting the feature, go to Control — Setting up Messengers and select the required ones from the list, click Next.
For each of the messengers, specify the data sequentially. For example, for WhatsApp it's a phone number, for Telegram it's a username. We'll tell you what to enter.
At the end, we will definitely show you the summary information of the connected services.

Now, when the client chooses one of the messengers, they will receive an instant link to your account and will be able to start a direct dialogue directly in the selected messenger.
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