How to add a second Administrator or change the owner of the chat in Re:plain

Sometimes you need to change Administrator. Here how to do it in Re:plain.
It's simple, follow the next steps:

Go to Menu — Select Your website — Open Profile menu. Select Change Admin menu.
We take care of your security, that is why we'll need your e-mail, an e-mail of the person who you transfer the account to. Then we'll do all the magic for you.
Type in the recipient's e-mail. He will get the invitation link.

Remember. As soon as he will accept the control, you'll lose it, but also we'll inform you about it.
Your recipient will get an e-mail with an invitation code. As soon as he'll click on it, he will be redirected to Telegram or Facebook Messenger and since this moment he will take all control on your Re:plain.

If you have any connected Power-ups from our Re:plain Store, you'll be asked, during the transfer, what should we do with them - to leave to the future owner, or terminate.
How to add one more Administrator
If you need to add another Administrator, follow these steps:

Go to Menu — Choose Your Website — Operators.

Choose from the list a person that you want to assign Administrator rights and check the box next to Administrator rights.
Your Operator has now been assigned as second Administrator.
He or she can manage Current chat, except deleting the chat, changing the owner, purchasing modules and viewing information about current subscriptions, terms and discounts and of course payment data.
Select preferred messenger
Re:plain works perfectly either in WhartsApp, Facebook Messenger or in Telegram. Please, select the preferred one.