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Custom Forms

Now you can gather your visitor's information you really need in a Customized Forms. If you need some special details from your customers — now you can get it!
How it looks like
Now, you can add as many input fields as you need or conversely delete some you don't need to. Be creative!
How to add and modify your Custom Forms.
First of all go to Store in your Telegram and purchase Custom Forms feature. Then, let's start from editing your Forms. Follow to the MenuYour WebsiteForms Control
You can Add your own list of forms or Disable existing. To disable one of existing forms, like Name, Email and Phone number, just Click on a desired field name to enable or disable it.

You can also arrange fields in a preferred order. Go to FormsSort order then just click one by one field names, according the order you need. That's it, simple!

Sure, you can Edit and Delete Forms, but we don't have to explain it here, isn't it?

Now let's add some new forms. Click + Add Field then type in desired field name and that's it. Simple.
How to Modify the message preceding the Forms

Default message before the Forms is "Please introduce yourself" but you may want to change it. To do it use Edit message before Contact Form.
Add this Feature to your site.
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